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As we await the suspense in whether anybody DID manage to find a large sensor interchangeable lens 4K camera for under $200, the good news is that we don’t have long to wait. Voting is already under way and after the vote everybody is going to reveal what they found on the treasure hunt part of the challenge.

In the challenge some shooters went for an abstract low-fi look, which I think Kye took to the most extreme end of the low-fi spectrum with his video above!! For Kye, this seemed to be a $10 challenge!! I really like what he did with this video though, it’s cinematic, great music and uses the limitations of the image to capture the mood perfectly.

Others went for a much cleaner look and to try and win the technical side. I was really very much pleasantly surprised by just how good some of the videos look in terms of dynamic range and colour for under $200. It’ll be very interesting to see what cameras they found and whether our beloved Panasonic GH2 features in any of the entries.

Magic Lantern is just too good and was not allowed in the competition, because I wanted to see how a low-fi stock codec and sensor held up. However, you were allowed to mod the camera or install the GH2 hack, as long as I felt it was with the spirit of the competition – so no putting a Cooke S4i on the front or using $20,000 of lights!

I enjoyed this one from PannySVHS / Marty Moire especially, a slice of German folk and poetry going on there –

That it scores strongly on both the cinematography aspect and image quality, should make it a front runner in the vote on the EOSHD Forum.

I’ll be revealing my entry for my own competition after the forum vote has finished. Yes, I did shoot one!!

Whilst I did intend to enter the vote under a false name, it didn’t feel strictly in keeping with the spirit of the competition 🙂

The winner of the public vote gets the last-placed folk’s camera (If he wants to give it him! Could be a bit of a fight there).

Unfortunately I will lose my camera (or what’s left of it) no matter what even though I have grown very fond of it. It will go to the winner of the Judge’s prize to be announced in a couple of days.

I thought The Garden was a good example of what kind of image quality you can get in 2019 for under $200 or £200.

If we think back 10 years ago, isn’t that mind-blowing?

Here are a few more examples from the challenge. Well done to everyone who took part.

You can vote until midnight BST (00:00 UK time 19th August) here at the EOSHD Forum

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