Blade Runner 2049 review (2D and 3D versions)

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Blade Runner 2049 cinematographer Roger Deakins has been quoted in the clickbait media (basically every website now) saying “don’t see the 3D version”! Actually rather than slamming the 3D version, all he did was state a preference for the 2D version! In most cinemas the 3D version was the only one available, be it on a standard size screen or IMAX. This was the case in Berlin at Sony’s very own state of the art cinema, so I watched the film twice – the first time in 3D and the second time in 2D in a classic theatre.

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“The Uncertainty Has Settled”, a feature film shot using Magic Lantern raw video

The Uncertainty Has Settled is available at Vimeo On Demand! (

“Are we doing the right thing?” That’s the question The Uncertainty Has Settled explores, and you may ask yourself the same thing about shooting Magic Lantern for the big screen! Crazy or inspired? My friend in Berlin, Volker Schmidt was behind the camera on this film, and the decision to shoot Magic Lantern raw video on the ‘vintage’ 5D Mark II…

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