Sony to officially reveal 4K XDCAM ‘FS700-successor’ on 12th September

Sony UK have posted a marketing teaser video featuring various video pros and directors of photography, claiming the ‘next pro camera’ is coming September 12th. I believe this to be a Super 35mm 4K XDCAM with E-mount, positioned around the $10k point to take on the Canon C300. The timing of the announcement coincides exactly with the start of the IBC pro video trade show in Amsterdam.

Market for DSLRs shrinking dramatically and why Canon / Nikon are to blame

Data from CIPA, via Personal-View

For years on EOSHD I’ve said that if Canon and Nikon don’t innovate with their DSLRs and transition to high end mirrorless technology they risk jeopardising their business.

This advice has been met with an arrogance built on a decade of increasing sales. Now in an era of falling shipments both companies have blamed smartphones and the world economy. For me this is unacceptable, it’s all about the product. Sales are down because the products aren’t good enough.

Sales are down every month this year compared to last. The peak months in each year are normally June and November. Taking the month of June as our sample, shipments have halved in two years. 800,000 DSLRs in June 2014 compares to 1.2 million in 2013 and 1.6m in June 2012. That’s units shipped from the factories of all manufacturers, but mainly Canon and Nikon with the lion’s share of that and therefore most responsible for the decline.

Meanwhile sales at mirrorless system camera manufacturer Olympus are up 22% year on year. There’s something even more telling from Olympus in America, previously a market where mirrorless has been a failure, sales in this region saw a huge 70% gain for the OM range. This is despite massive competition from Sony with the A7, etc. Panasonic and Fuji’s X range.

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New SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 10mm T2.1 lens for Micro Four Thirds (plus ND)

Following in the footsteps of their highly successful 12mm T1.6 wide angle lens for Micro Four Thirds mount, SLR Magic based in Hong Kong have developed a 10mm T2.1 lens, optimised for cinematic use. I’ll be reviewing the new lens very soon on EOSHD, the sample unit having arrived today. This has the potential to be a great wide choice for the GH4 especially in 4K mode where every millimetre counts on that smaller recording area.

As for image quality, I have high expectations for the new lens. The existing SLR Magic 12mm T1.6 is a fantastic lens, very characterful, it will be interesting to see what character and performance the 10mm exhibits. Stay tuned to EOSHD to find out.

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Some thoughts on the possible “Sony FS700 Mark II”

The image leaked by a Chinese site ( shows what looks like a 4K XAVC recording FS700 successor. Via RedShark News

Leaked blurry smartphone images are all over the web yet again!

This could be the FS700 successor, although in reality we don’t know anything beyond that it records 4K to an internal XAVC codec and appears to use E-mount lenses, the leak offers some tantalising prospects…

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Official announcement – Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA

The Speed Booster ULTRA features the latest evolution of optics from Caldwell Photographic USA and is available for E-Mount and Fuji X-mount cameras (to cover APS-C or Super 35mm recording areas).

The new glass brings with it an increase in performance – sharper corners and better contrast. The increase in performance over the original Speed Booster is made possible by the use of cutting edge high index tantalum glass, in 5 elements in 4 groups; the old version of Speed Booster will be phased out.

I currently have a review sample of the ULTRA, I’ll publish some sample images later today!

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