Could Nikon be about to enter digital cinema market?

Aptina dragon

Today sees the announcement of a new DSLR sensor from one of Nikon’s recent sensor supplier’s Aptina which has a headline spec of 4K video at up to 80fps.

The highly rated company says it is ‘combining DSLR image quality and 4K digital cinema’ with the new AR1411HS sensor. Along with Nikon being on the record for wanting to add 4K video to future Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras, could the new Super 16mm sized Aptina sensor pave the way for them to do a Cinema EOS style range and 4K on DSLRs?

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HolyManta – the ND filter lens adapter

First 1.50 minutes is sample footage, you can fast forward to 1.50 for the technical info

Kickstart the HolyManta ND on FundedByMe

This is something I’ve wanted for a long time!

Focus and exposure are the most important things on a movie camera yet DSLRs don’t have a built in ND filter and you’re often left to shoot at ugly high shutter speeds such as 1/1000 in bright light to control exposure.

With this adapter you can add a variable ND filter wheel to any mirrorless mount camera (E-mount, Micro Four Thirds) effectively adding the main ergonomics advantage of the Cinema EOS C300 and Panasonic AF100.

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