GoPro goes to outer space

2 years ago British man Robert Harrison launched a balloon to the edge of space with a Canon Powershot compact camera attached in a box below. The camera was programmed with hacked firmware to take stills and video, and a GPS unit would record the box’s location when it fell to earth on a parachute.

Now America have finally caught up with the British in the space race!

Two efforts are on display here, using the Go Pro Hero camera (first one is wide angle ‘Motorsports’ version I believe) to record the journey up (and down) to the edge of space.

What will be the first video DSLR in space? (Apart from the Nikons onboard the ISS of course).

Read about the original British mission on EOSHD here

GoPro Hero (Motorsports) with wide lens in stock at B&H Photo and Video here