Get your 3D glasses out! Professional GH1 3D rig goes live

David Cole at Beampath 3D has been in touch – he has a had something of a break through with the dual-Panasonic GH1 3D rig aimed at the broadcast industry and professionals.

The rig utilises a large mirror box, two GH1s with hacked firmware and manual focus Nikon lenses and is now operational. The footage above is an anaglyph from the camera, and you’ll require 3D glasses for the 3D effect of course.

The main challenge was to power-up both cameras in perfect sync. David found the AF system on the Olympus 9-18mm Micro 4/3rds lenses were non-deterministic, randomly effecting the synchronisation of the cameras by small margins. Recording needs to happen in perfect sync otherwise the 3D effect begins to fail.

Now the rig uses two 10-24mm Nikon lenses with an adapter for aperture control. (These are available on eBay).

The footage is shot in high-bitrate AVCHD mode (1080p) with Tester13’s ‘C settings’.

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