Exclusive – Panasonic GH2 sensor pics leaked

Please take this as a rumour because I have no idea whether it is a prank, or whether it is the genuine item!

Today I received an email containing photos, which the sender claimed were of the GH2’s new 18MP sensor. The photos were sent to me from a source claiming to be at a factory (although he would not say whether it was in China or Japan) and look to have been taken with an iPhone (you can see a faint outline reflection of the outer edge of it in the 2nd photo). The sender removed any EXIF and GPS data from the photos – obviously the GPS data would be a big give away as to which factory – even which office – the photos were produced in. If the source is genuine, this would have caused him some problems.

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They’re listening – Sony to add manual video controls to NEX and Alpha DSLRs

UPDATE: The firmware was released in October, but only added the ability to control aperture during movie recording. We need control of shutter speed and ISO for it to be properly usable.

Image source: IFA 2010, press pack – Sony’s press conference today at the IFA in Berlin
Source: German website Slashcam.de reports via Sony Alpha Rumors

Ichiro Takagi (Deputy President of the Imaging Business Group of Sony) today told a press conference at the IFA show in Berlin that manual video controls will be added, expressing his surprise at the reaction of customers to the lack of manual video controls.

The move follows an online campaign by EOSHD.com coinciding with the launch of the Sony A55 which pointed out the glaring omission from our perspective, of having such limited video controls! Sony followed this up with some damage limitation and then took the criticism on board.

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The Pro 3D DSLR – An Interview with David Cole

EOSHD brings you an interview with the man behind the first broadcast quality 3D DSLR rig and you won’t need 3D glasses to read it…

David Cole and his team at Beampath are currently building a DSLR 3D rig with dual Panasonic GH1s to compete with the best of them. The rig will be used by professionals, for broadcast or for film. It uses dual hacked Panasonic GH1s and it’s hoped that customised firmware can be created for it.

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UPDATED – Inspiration is not theft

This is an article not about licensing music. Music should always be paid for when the artist makes money from the work of others. This article is instead an impassioned plea for unrestricted use of music in non-profit personal videos, as long as the artist is credited. However there is a worrying trend of some recording artists who look negatively at their work being used in non-commercial films without prior permission – they are missing the spirit of what creativity is, and the opportunities afforded by the internet.

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