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3 Now available – EOSHD Pro Color for Sony Cameras including a7S II, a7R II and a6300

Introducing EOSHD Pro Color EOSHD Pro Color is a highly optimised in-camera profile for your Sony camera, to deliver punchy Canon-like 4K and 1080p straight out of camera. Dump the default settings and fix a host of colour issues. Apply once. Shoot. These colour correction settings are easy to apply and fundamentally change the image processor’s approach to color and white balance, lending an artists’s eye to the camera and the way it handles ambience…

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1 Time to sell your Sony A6300 already as A6500 arrives with 5 axis stabilisation and new menus!

New cameras from Sony! A6500 finally gets a touch screen for direct AF control RX100 V shoots 5K RAW 24p in 6 second bursts In a surprise announcement the Sony A6500 and Sony RX100 V have been launched today, coming off the back of zero rumours (for a change) these cameras were kept a secret, presumably because if A6300 owners knew their camera would be superseded WITHIN 6 months, nobody would have…

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1 All EOSHD Shooter’s Guides are now half price for 7 days

I reduced the price of the Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide last week to just $9.99 and it has sold well, therefore I am extending the half-price sale to the entire range of EOSHD Shooter’s Guides for the next 7 days only. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your camera knowledge or are even just curious about what the books offer – now is the perfect time.

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0 Sony’s response to PXW-FS5 issues and why I am keeping hold of my camera

Comment on the forum Last week I had an insight into just how responsive Sony are becoming in rolling out support for their cameras. As users like myself and Paul Antico discovered soon after the FS5 was released the image had some issues. The very week I bought my camera Sony were in touch by email – I was then tasked to shoot some tests and send the XAVC footage to their…

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2 Sony FS5 – why I bought one

The Sony FS5 is a miniature version of the FS7 cinema camera and Sony’s competitor to the Canon C100 Mk II. It’s also one of the most capable slow-mo cameras, with a 10bit 4:2:2 internal codec at 240fps.

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2 Sony confirm A7S II 25p sunspot bug, firmware update to come

A quick post – Sony have moved quickly to begin fixing the A7S II sunspot bug pointed out in the first part of my review. Here is the official statement I was emailed today: “We have confirmed this phenomenon and are now analyzing it to develop a firmware solution to solve it. We will be in touch as soon as we are ready to confirm timings for this update. Thank you for…

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2755 Sony announce sequel to my favourite small camera of all time – the RX1 II is here with variable OLPF and 42MP sensor but no 4K!

Granted this is more a stills related camera than video but the Sony RX line is a favourite of mine – it has always packed absolute cutting edge technology and innovation into tiny cameras. And who doesn’t like tiny cameras? (My review of the RX100 IV is coming tomorrow, by the way). The original RX1 in 2013 was almost like a full frame Leica when it came to street photos but jacket…

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2607 Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7R II in low light – Speed Booster Shootout

When you have a Need For Speed there are two people you can call – Shane Hurlbut or Metabones. The Metabones Speed Booster adapters give us apertures as fast as F0.64 from the rare Canon EF 50mm F1.0. The XL 0.64x version fits the GH4 and turns the scruffy 2.3x crop 4K into a shiny Super 35mm unicorn. F1.2 becomes F0.88. The Ultra 0.74x version for E-mount fits the A7R II and turns the…

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1795 Sony A7R II Review – Part 1 – Summoning the devil

EOSHD is now 5 years old and 5 years proudly advertising free. I want it to stay 100% impartial. I grew up with the BBC and they are the role model for me. No advertising on EOSHD. Nice rhyme to it doesn’t it?! In part 1 of the Sony A7R II review we will look at the A7R II not as a consumer camera but as a professional cinema camera. The benchmark for…

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1848 Hands on with the Sony A7R II

This first hands on is with a pre-production model, so no footage for now. Instead on Tuesday August 4th I will shoot for the first time with the final retail boxed Sony A7R II in Berlin at a boxing academy. Be sure to check out EOSHD for that and the full review next week. The Sony A7R II represents a significant escalation in specs for both stills and video, a truly next generation camera.…

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1840 Sony RX10 M2 – first part of my review and a mini-comparison with the A7S and Canon 1D C

The Sony RX10 M2 is our first look at Sony’s new 4K XAVC-S codec at 100Mbit/s, the same which will be on the A7R II come the end of July. The RX10 M2 also brings 1080/120fps and up to 1000fps at lower resolutions. It features an extraordinary 24-200mm Zeiss lens with constant F2.8 aperture and built in ND filter. Is this the run & gun camera you’ve been waiting for?

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0 A camera test with a difference – multicam shoot for “Bunny Suit” with the Sony A7S, Nikon D750 and 5 others

Berlin based band Bunny Suit (follow here on Facebook / SoundCloud) recently went into Temeplton Studio to lay down some tracks. We decided to shoot a live video of the recording which would then be synced up perfectly with the final mix of the tracks in post. The Sony A7S in this shoot is graded using the lovely “Manchester” LUT from James Miller’s Deluts pack. But there were 6 other cameras backing…

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0 EOSHD opinion: smartphones are not killing DSLRs, apps and online services are

It’s well known that DSLR sales are sliding now, following the worrying trajectory of compact cameras. Then I read with great interest Vincent Laforet’s prediction that the era of stand-alone cameras is coming to an abrupt end for the mass market. There was a very key chart in that blog post which you can see above. I believe it speaks volumes about why the mass market is migrating from hardware…

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0 Sony FS7 Review – Shooting 150fps in the dead of night

Ferrari have a DNA. Cinema cameras have a DNA. You have to go back decades to see it evolve into the force it is today. For Ferrari it is the very specific engine sound and the looks. Arri are that spirit to cinema cameras. The DNA of the Sony FS7 is a compromise. Half EX1 and half cinema camera, the ergonomics of the buttons, dials and menus need a complete overhaul in my opinion. So Sony haven’t…

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0 Sony’s online streaming release of The Interview has taken $30 million

By chance and circumstance The Interview is the first major motion picture to debut on the internet. Shot on a production budget of $40m the film has so far taken $30m at the virtual box office. Also in an interview Michael Lynton of Sony Pictures has talked for the first time about the full scale of the hack. 100 terrabytes of data stolen, wiped and the studio’s network is still offline 6 weeks later.

0 Sony A7 II review – 5 axis stabilisation in video mode

Test based on pre-release hardware, firmware v1.0 The Sony A7 II is the first full frame mirrorless camera with 5 axis stabilisation inside (sensor shift based). It also gets some ergonomic and video upgrades such as XAVC-S at 50Mbit/s and S-LOG. But how does image quality compare to the Sony A7S and how effective exactly is the much anticipated “SteadyShot Inside” for video?

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