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0 5 underrated cinematic images from “forgotten” cameras

Comment on the forum Some of my favourite images are from cinema cameras and DSLRs from which attention has long since drifted elsewhere! Rest assured some of the older cameras on this list are better than any of the latest and greatest (if not in terms of usability then in terms of having an analogue film-like feel that screams “cinema” and not “digital”). Here are my top 5.

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2821 Nikon Hacker enables raw video

(Thanks to A1ex for the tip off). Developer “leegong” of Nikon Hacker has made enormous progress in getting raw video from the live view function of the Nikon D5100. Early builds of the patch output raw frames to the card and A1ex of Magic Lantern has written a prototype / test DNG converter.

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201 Magic Lantern now working on Canon 70D (both versions)

Update: here’s a quick test from me confirming Dual Pixel CMOS AF works during raw recording. Check the Vimeo description for more details / workflow. The convenience of Dual Pixel CMOS AF is now coming to raw video, with Magic Lantern now available for all 70D owners. Previously the software only worked on a very select few 70D bodies and not the earlier serial numbers, which had a slightly different firmware revision.

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197 Magic Lantern run Linux OS on Canon DSLRs

Magic Lantern just turned your 5D Mark III into a desktop computer. The cameras (running ARM processor and up to 512MB of RAM) are seen in this video booting into the Linux kernel, version 3.19. The development paves the way for third party apps to run on the camera and to control all functions of the device.

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0 5D Mark III raw versus Panasonic GH4

Dilemma of the century. Do you take the advantages of raw or 4K? Do you take the full frame sensor or the crop? Do you take the DSLR form factor or the advantages for video of mirrorless? This is something I’ve been really trying to draw a conclusion on in recent weeks for my own sanity!

0 New and improved Canon 7D raw video with the Mosaic Engineering VAF-7D anti-aliasing filter

In my opinion the Canon 7D is currently the best budget solution for shooting raw video. There’s plenty of used bodies going for $750 on eBay here – and that is practically a steal for 14bit raw video from a Super 35mm sized sensor… Stills camera is a mere bonus! So to the big question – does the Mosaic Engineering VAF-7D filter completely cure the 7D’s raw video of moire…

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0 2013 – 10 things which have impressed me – and some that haven’t!

Psst… I’m having an end of year clear out Where would we be without the end of the year and the impending doom that is Christmas? Enjoying summer? Revelling in the most fruitful year for filmmakers and camera geeks on record? I’d much rather 2013 just carried on! Alas the year is starting to wind down now for the Holidays and this seems like a good moment to look back at the…

0 5D Mark III raw video (Magic Lantern) versus KineRAW MINI for image quality

The €3199 KineRAW MINI is the latest affordable raw cinema camera to be released. Featuring a 4K Super 35mm sensor it is a rival to the Blackmagic Production Camera and an alternative to shooting raw on the 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern. It shoots 2K / 1080p Cinema DNG uncompressed raw internally. Having now spent more time with the camera for the full review (coming soon), I was curious to…

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0 SKIN – First professional short film to use 5D Mark III Magic Lantern raw, a guest post by Andrew Wonder

Turning blue blood green with raw on the 5D Mark III. A dying woman wakes deep in a strange place, a wounded dancer wanders crumbling hallways. All footage was shot between 1250 and 5000 ISO. Andrew Wonder (Undercity / blog) has just released a narrative short film shot in anamorphic (a modified Iscorama called the Wonderscope) on the 5D Mark III in raw. Here is a guest post from Andrew on the…

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0 The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide – available now!

Dispelling the myths – optimising performance – never read another endless forum post again! [wp_eStore_buy_now:product_id:3:end] Payment via PayPal, just $19.99 (usual price $29.99) My third book launches today. It is available to download immediately and for the first week you can get 33% off the usual price making it just $19.99. It is an enormous 12 chapters and 106 pages.

0 Kinefinity KineRaw S35 Hands-on Review

Fancy grading yourself? Download my pack of original files from the 5D Mark III and KineRaw S35. The file contains selected Cinema DNG frames and CineForm RAW .Mov clips from both cameras. The Kinefinity KineRaw S35 is the most complete debut camera I’ve ever seen. Packed with features, it simply doesn’t feel like an S35 version 1.0.

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0 Magic Lantern 5D Mark III raw video and camera reliability

Image by Daniel Schweinerr (5D Mark III SSD attachment research) The EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide – book now available Raw video recording on the 5D Mark III has been met with an overwhelming reception from users and a fantastic reception from most pros. Some are more guarded as they think their camera will blow up. What are the facts?

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0 A look at raw video on the Canon 600D

Download the sample DNG frames from continuous raw video on the 600D Though most of the development at Magic Lantern has been focussed on the powerful 5D Mark III, the latest firmware builds have also been ported to the 600D. How does it perform for raw video?

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0 The impact of 5D Mark III raw video and what does Vincent Laforet think?

This was a great week. It is the first time we’ve seen this kind of moving image from a full frame sized sensor in raw. A pristine 2K 14bit image that’s like a 24fps digital film negative or a digital scan of VistaVision. It’s also a breakthrough for accessibility bringing raw video to many talents for the first time, when the only other accessible raw shooting cameras out there have…

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0 UPDATED: Canon 5D 2K raw feed – 1920×720 possible on 1000x card?

Download sample 2K DNG 24p frame from the hacked 5D Mark III and see the image quality for your own eyes! Recently Magic Lantern had the breakthrough discovery of beautiful pin sharp 2K sensor feed in raw format on the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. This completely turns our understanding of DSLR video image quality on its head. Why is the video quality so far from what the…

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0 1D X has traces of 1D C firmware but Magic Lantern ‘will never touch 1D series’ as Canon threatens potential hackers with legal trouble

A few months ago I reported back what Canon had told me officially at Photokina – that the 1D C had some very minor hardware changes over the 1D X (like a headphone socket) but that the camera was fundementally the same camera with a firmware update to enable 4K recording. The Canon product manager was technically knowledge and utterly adamant this was the case, there wasn’t a hint of doubt…

0 Latest Magic Lantern brings anamorphic live preview to 5D Mark III, clean HDMI out and tons more

Get the new firmware here for the 5D Mark III The 2nd Alpha release of Magic Lantern for the 5D Mark III brings a very useful feature for anamorphic shooters such as I, a real-time anamorphic aspect ratio preview in live view. This is extremely useful for shooting bare bones with an anamorphic lens, or for those with no monitor / EVF that supports anamorphic de-squeeze.

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0 Download and test the new 5D Mark III Magic Lantern – peaking, zebras and audio meters already feature

Go here to download the file (you must be a donator to access it, large or small it doesn’t matter) The first Alpha version of the 5D Mark III Magic Lantern port has been outed. 5D Mark III owners can give it a go. I am going to try it myself (thanks Alex). The initial feature-set is quite small, and there’s no bitrate tweaks yet. These will be added later…

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0 Sony NEX-Hack update – 1st camera purchased for Someone1.00

NEW: Donate and view the latest donations here Read the full update at EOSHD Today myself and Malcolm of Magic Lantern were able to transfer $700 to Someone1.00 to buy his first test body from the donations fund. We are well on the path to improvements in video image quality and features on the Sony NEX and Alpha cameras.

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0 Canon 5D Mark III hacked – Magic Lantern on way

Above: a Magic Lantern test running on a real living 5D Mark III in the wild Initial tests by Alex and the team at Magic Lantern show the hack will work with the 5D Mark III. Canon recently posted an updated firmware for the camera, allowing the file to be analysed and it seems Magic Lantern can be ported to the new camera.

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0 Further GF2, GH2 and Magic Lantern hack technical developments

With the newly released GH2 1.11 hack, the small GF2 is now also hackable. This camera also does 1080/25p inside a 1080i wrapper, and features a similar image processing chip and encoder to the GH2. Could it be a bargain GH2 alternative? EOSHD takes a look. Meanwhile Magic Lantern continues to improve. There’s current a brute force testing approach which according to Alex of Magic Lantern may “unlock many things…

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0 Latest Magic Lantern with HDR Video out now for Canon 60D, 600D, 550D, 50D and 500D

To download and donate go to Magic Lantern here Please consider donating to the project – in return you will get the preview version of the 5D Mark II firmware tested here on EOSHD – and a ready to run HDR Video workflow!! So 22nd December is here and so is the HDR Video mode and variable frame rates for the Canon 600D and siblings. The new version of Magic Lantern…

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0 Canon 600D and latest Magic Lantern hack to bring adjustable frame rates & HDR video

Download the latest Magic Lantern How to: Install Magic Lantern I am really impressed with the way the Canon DSLR hack – Magic Lantern – has recently been progressing. Enabling video on cameras that didn’t have a video mode is a miracle in itself! (50D). Putting all the settings into a menu system on the camera rather than in a Windows app like PTools with the GH2 hack – also…