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NEX 5N hack a real possibility

I have set up a dedicated forum for the Sony NEX Hack here

A guy named Someone 1.00 is able to hack the NEX series of Sony mirrorless cameras for higher bitrates in video mode and more.

The video after the break shows the hack in action, and proof that it can be done.

Discuss the hack here and support Someone 1.00 in his efforts.

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FS100 with SLRmagic Hyperprime

As I recently found with my FS100 Macs really seem to hurt your AVCHD footage from Sony cameras and the Panasonic GH2… But especially the Sony FS100.

It is no wonder these cameras often get a bad reputation for limited dynamic range, crushed shadows and blown highlights – when you are only seeing the middle part of the full 8bit range of luma.

This Rec.709 portion of a 601 space (16-235 instead of the full 0-255 the FS100 shoots in) is incorrectly remapped to 0-255 by Quicktime. Therefore apps that use Quicktime at their core like Premiere, trip up. This makes a huge difference to the image. When fixed, you recover over 10% of your dynamic range, highlight and shadow detail, along with a much smoother roll off to whites and blacks.

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FS100 with Samyang 35mm F1.4

The Sony NXCAM NEX FS100 is the first ever video camera which is competitive with DSLRs on both price and image quality. Yes it took this long!

Now down to $4000 used (£2600) in the US, it is an alternative (for video) to the 5D Mark III at $3500 or £2999.

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Sony NEX FS700 4K ready digital cinema camera

As first revealed on EOSHD last week the $8k Sony FS700 has now been officially unveiled. The specs are as leaked but there are some significant extra details which make it even better, especially in terms of slow mo which is full 1080p all the way up to 240fps!

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Metabones EOS adapter on NEX 7

UPDATE: Metabones inform me they have fixed the latest adapters with an anti-reflective part. If your adapter suffers from reflections, if yours has any of the issues below, simply contact Metabones and send your adapter back for a service

As if the initial non-functioning firmware with the NEX 5N and NEX 7 wasn’t bad enough, it appears Metabones will have to completely re-design the recent EOS lens to E-Mount adapter.

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