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TrueSense sensors

TrueSense Imaging’s sensors are behind the Ikonoskop and Digital Bolex cameras. Traditionally known for their CCDs, the company is now stepping into CMOS for the first time.

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Roald raw camera

There’s a new modular raw cinema camera. This one isn’t built by a camera company, or even a team. Created over the last 6 months in Flensburg in Northern Germany single-handedly by Roald Christessen, the camera features a global shutter and raw video.

Here’s an exclusive Q&A with Roald and more about the camera technology…

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Though it cannot be 100% confirmed I am pretty sure the Blackmagic Production Camera uses a sensor supplied by CMOSIS, which if true would be very good news as it is the latest technology and already in mass production.

Here are your sensor questions answered…

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Blackmagic Pocket Camera

Let’s go misty eyed for a second and imagine you’re shooting a Terrence Malick inspired scene at magic hour this Summer, a warm breeze drifting through the air.

The sun glints through the trees and the scene begins “action” – with 4K with a global shutter for $4000. Is this really going to happen?

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Blackmagic Production Camera (BMPC) 4K

MOUNT UPDATE: E-mount makes the most sense for this camera. Earlier today CVP had pre-orders up for a Micro Four Thirds version. That has now been taken down and CVP have confirmed to me there’s only the EF mount camera available to pre-order here.

This is just…. insane. Blackmagic are set to announce the Blackmagic Production Camera with 4K Super 35mm global shutter sensor and a Pocket Cinema Camera with Super 16mm sensor, raw and active Micro Four Thirds mount.

Apart from the form factor remaining the same, Blackmagic have done everything we could ever have hoped (dreamed?) for with the V2.0 camera. I have to say the pricing is completely bonkers. Just $1000 more for 4K AND a larger sensor AND a global shutter AND compressed Cinema DNG!

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