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According to Imaging Resource the new video mode of the new Sony RX10 with 1″ sensor is a big step forwards. The RX10′s sensor reads out the entire 5472 x 3080 frame at 60fps sending the maximum amount of raw video data to the image processor.

The new Bionz X processor is designed to take the 5K video stream (for the first time). The advantage is that Bionz X can intelligently downsample and compress to 1080p from a much higher baseline than usual.

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Epic - Iscorama

Above: the Epic with anamorphic lens

In the second and final part of this mini-shootout with the Epic and Blackmagic Cinema Camera, we take a look at the resolution chart.

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YouTube Preview Image

This from Michael Hession at Gizmodo. It really is a great idea – he has used the stills burst mode (the fastest ever on a DSLR) of the Canon 1D X to piece together a short video at 14 fps. The video has the dynamic range, resolution and overall quality of photographs. It is a massive step up from the video mode but of course 14 fps is shall we say – a retro frame rate.

However I actually think it is a valid style. It has a certain appeal, a certain old Super 8 magic to the motion – but from a far larger sensor.

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5D Mark II poster

The full frame sensor and 5K are the biggest technical innovations of the current era of digital video, but which makes the biggest difference to the image?

Should we all be upgrading to 5K and clamouring for 4K on our APS-C DSLRs?

Or will a modestly upgraded full frame 5D Mark III 1080p video mode be more significant for the image?

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