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Picture (“Buddy”) courtesy of James Miller, inset – the CYP 4K HDMI scaler

The picture above (click for 1080p original) is from the 4K full frame sensor inside the Sony A7S (ISO 3200, S-LOG2).

Internally the camera does a simple downscale of the 4K signal to 2K for standard 1080p XAVC or HDMI recording – but James discovered adding a hardware scaler on the end of the 4K HDMI signal results in a more detailed 1080p image which is light and day different. The great news is this scaler is only £167 in the UK.

Add to that an Atomos Ninja Blade or Ninja Star for taking the image from the scaler and recording it to ProRes – and you have one of the best 1080p images available at any price.

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A7S would be beautiful with the Canon 50mm F1.2L

This began as a 10 point list. It grew…

I am huge fan of the 1D C’s image but not the camera itself and especially not the price. The 1D C when it was introduced offered an absolutely lovely image and still does but now the playing field is rapidly changing.

Exactly how does the Sony A7S compare on paper to the 1D C?

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gh4 vs 5d mark iii dxomark

DXOMark have tested the raw sensor output of the GH4. Raw stills have 12.8 stop dynamic range vs 11.7 stops on the 5D Mark III, illustrating just how far ahead almost everyone is on sensor performance over Canon.

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YouTube Preview Image

The Sony A7S is the camera I am most looking forward to in the coming months and although it is a shame it lacks an internal 4K codec, it does promise much improved internal 1080p and 4K HDMI output. Here Yosh Enatsu has used the Blackmagic HDMI to SDI Ultra HD converter to a Hyperdeck Studio deck to record this test shoot in the dead of night.

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The EOSHD Panasonic GH4 Shooter's Guide

Full 4K resolution version available to download at Vimeo (for Vimeo Plus or Pro members). Non Vimeo members can view it on YouTube in 4K though at a low bitrate! 4K YouTube version

Music by Poplin via the EOSHD Music Challenge

I’ve been trying some run & gun shooting with no rig, just a gorilla pod and GH4 all handheld.

In the process I developed three image profiles for the GH4 which I’ve assigned to the mode dial on my camera.

This is the first footage to show what the GH4 is capable of with the EOSHD Cinema profile.

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