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Picture quality - 4K

So what is the future of TV? Well there’s a very good chance it isn’t 3D or 4K, and that TV panel manufacturers are heading for even tougher times. HBO’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Bob Zitter is one of the most prominent TV industry figures to voice his belief that 3D and 4K are not suited to home viewing.

His thoughts don’t make good reading for Sony, Sharp, Samsung, etc… but is he right?

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Retro stereoscopic camera

3D was oppressive, attention seeking and now 3D is dead. Quietly dropped by all consumer electronics firm if the 2013 CES is anything to go by.

Or is it?

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Cate Blanchett - The Hobbit

Above: Cate Blanchett receives some all-too-real makeup on the set of The Hobbit

Peter Jackson shot The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 48 frames per second (HFR) in 3D. So what is the verdict on HFR technology… More immersive? Helps the story? More beautiful?

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Peter Jackson dir. The Hobbit with RED EPIC

The future is here but it seems nobody checked to see if it looked any good.

Shot with a 3D Red EPIC rig at 48fps, Peter Jackson’s return to the world of JRR Tolkien has been ‘stripped of the magic of cinema’ according to many who saw the advance press screenings by Warner Brothers.

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I came across this today which is really quite incredible. It is made by Patryk Kizny of DitoGear who create timelapse sliders with inspiration from Greg Downing at XREZ Studio (they developed the interactive GigaPixel panoramas).

From a static timelapse shot a virtual camera movement can be created, which means the camera can move on a virtual path and the timelapse footage is used to texture a 3D model of the scene.

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