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I shot my videos using a T3i and I'm editing my clips using Magic Bullet Looks. I have a waterfall cip and I would like to reverse the flow of water so that it appears to be flowing backwards, then foward in a type of loop. Its a moving shoot (camera tilts downwards) so I'm thinking that I need to isolate the water in order for this effect to happen? Can anyone advise me on how to go about doing this?

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I'm not sure about magic bullet..... but in after effects, you could duplicate the clip, reverse it, then mask the duplicate to only show the water. As your shot is moving... you would need to track the motion and apply it to the mask (or you could rotoscope, frame by frame).


Is it essential that the footage moves the same as you originally shot it though? (camera tilt down).... If not, you can just reverse the whole clip so it is in reverse and tilts up?

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