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  1. New EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 and EOSHD Pro LOG comes to Sony cameras

    Starting to look interesting now, the Sonys B Cam to a GH5:)
  2. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    Short has been shot more than two weeks ago. Was a great shoot. Some awesome shots captured. Don´t wanna show too much yet, but best colors I ever shot with a Lumix cam. Can really recommend the GH5. As I said before, I chose it over my GX85 for its battery life, ergonomy and its awesome HD mode. Great cam already in 8bit in REC and HD. But cannot deny the REC709 highlight rolloff:) I send you a PM with screenshots soon. Don´t wanna spoil it on the forum too much
  3. Magic Lantern Raw Video

    Hey Glenn, lookin massive! Framing, so it´s 35mm on full 5D sensor, would be a 17mm on full m43 then? Color is looking awesome. The second frame with the LUT looks like a frame with a LUT though, which can be nice but to my eyes it does not match the quality of this first frame. By the way, cool profile pic. I´ve been starting to take mine as a shot of myself lately
  4. More love for the Sony A6500?

    @Oliver Daniel great framing, as Kidzrevil already stated. Awesome angles and eye. Just wondering though, the stills in your original post look even much better color wise than the moving images in your video. The gamma is different between the two on my screen. One looking like awesome hyperrealism, the other just like nice looking color. Did you change the gamma?
  5. How High An ISO Will You Go On Your GH5???

    I second that.
  6. Royalty free music, John Carpenter + Keiichi Suzuki style

    Haha, classic game, played in the late 90ies though. My favorite game is the all time classic. Awesomest platformer I ever played. Okay, back to the OST. Thanks guys. No easy task it was but your answers helped me to decide for a rearrangement of the Suzuki track. A musician I know is hopefully going to do it as a favor for a favor:) very unsettling it is!:)
  7. How High An ISO Will You Go On Your GH5???

    Hallo Mark, that is a reasonable among other questions. High ISO in low light, shooting at 1600 Iso without any problems at all. I shot it at 8bit 420 HD, very gradeable footage and it´s an easy to grade camera. Shoot it at Natural profile with contrast at 0, noise reduction -5, sharpnes -5!!!, color -2. HD is already very high resolving. So the smallest mode of this camera is already delivering awesome and quick results. Try it out. If it don´t fit you after testing, bring it back to the store. I´d say, it´s the perfect camera for your needs, the very best, durable, great battery life, quick results in REC709, IBIS, great color out of the box, if you use White Balance. It´s a winner. No, I´m not working for Panasonic. I would love to though
  8. Royalty free music, John Carpenter + Keiichi Suzuki style

    Scary as heck! Thanks a lot for suggesting! Your second 1 hour piece is especially dark and moody. It is not royalty free I would assume- due to its nature of being a sampler. It doesnt state anything about it in its disclaimer about royalty free or common use license. Very scary, scarier than our flick is gonna be. Any idea where to find something closer of the style of Suzukis piece though? Maybe recomposing by a musician would be a fine approach. Thanks a lot for your effort and fine suggestion.
  9. Hey Thomas, the GH5 is a serious movie making machine, unbelievably so, at that price! The GX85 is a super fun camera, with nice 4K and soso HD quality. With the GH5 you get perfect HD, so no need to film in 4K for HD delivery from an image quality point. Battery life, Full HDMI, ergonomy, GH5 is superior in these regards. EVF on it is nice. It´s not nice at all on the GX85. But the GX is one of the most fun cameras to have, to hold in hand and to do smaller pieces of film with great image quality. For serious filmmaking buy the GH5, for doing visual sketches without a filmcrew, the GX85 is good enough in my opinion, much better with a second battery:) If it had twice as long battery life and G6 or G7 level HD quality I would not fancy a GH5. Or maybe I would, but less:)
  10. hey ed, gotta take off in a minute. the models are DP 1,2,3 Merrill, each with a different lens. yours has 4.5 or so counted megapixels, merrills line has 14 something. Sigma likes to multiply them by 2 or three due to three layers of the sensor. the gf1 is an old mft photocam. i love it for its desingn and size. cheers
  11. Hey guys, I am looking for royalty free music in the style of the John Carpenter and Keiichi Kuzuki, specifically in the style of Carpenters Precinct 13 and Kuzukis OST piece Gambling House from Zatoichi. It´s for a shortfilm in the state of postprodcution. Thanks! The piece by Keiichi Kuzuki would be perfect. Maybe someone can hook me up with him
  12. Hey @freeman, Thank you for your post and for giving background information on the applied shooting style and tricks! Makes me want to see more of the artist roaming through the streets of this beautiful city!:) Ibis is working and fitting the video very well here!
  13. The plustek has flimsy negative holders and handling. The Kodak is very robust, has been used by newspapers back then. Still think the DP Merrill cams are the best marriage of sensor and lens. Still got my GF1 for the combo of an optical viewfinder for estimated manual focusing. Have not tried because of worries about screwing up. Meanwhile have shot so many crappy pictures with EVF. "The process dictates way more than specs", very well said.
  14. Easy to manipulate or devide people on an online forum. Especially for AI, because it doesn´t know effort and never tires down. The communicational structure of an internet forum is very vulnerable to AI or other intelligent efforts with doubtful conduct. So watch out for who you are paying attention to. The best thing to do is to appreciate my beautiful comments AI will be hard to impossible to be recognized as such. My intelligence is so massive, so that some consider me the superiour AI and neuro network connected to all other networks in the most meaningful way. I am god of bots, I am BOTTOGOD. Data Analysis did not make the original joke work well, but Borats follow up. So it´s a Not Nooot Joke. The original not joke is the content which modern dataanalysis has been providing us with for decades. People swallow it and laugh about it. AI pushed this to perfection, premanufactured, remanufactured/reproduced content. Always see the originator to see the original intention behind all the talking.
  15. okay, good to know. Thanks. Now I´m really interested to see this footage on a HDR display. Maybe at Mediamarkt plugging an usb stick into a TV set. Never done that before. Exiting:)