Canon 5D Mark IV spotted on Red Bull sponsored surf shoot

Levi Siver - Canon 5D Mark IV

Why are marketing departments obsessed with action sports?

In the camera world there’s four approved kinds of marketing content – boxing, surfing, snowboarding and free-running. Now, unless I’m very much mistaken one of the surfer dudes has let something slip.

In this Instagram post Levi Siver is working on a windsurfing feature with a crew, for an “unreleased Canon camera”. In the picture you can indeed see a Canon camera on a rig, although not clearly enough to make out the model. In the comments he’s asked if it is a 5D Mark IV, and in his reply he says “Yep it is”, smilie face.

I don’t have my own rumour rating system but if I were to rate this one, I’d call it a Big F*****g Leak.

Canon 5D Mark IV

The wind-surfing quite possibly suggests Dual-Pixel AF will play a big part of the new marketing campaign, or that the whole thing is a massive ruse by girls in marketing departments so that they can upgrade their boyfriends. I’ve often pondered this thought, as I troll around another skatepark full of ripped torsos, me squinting through a pre-production camera wearing a badge saying “NERD FOR HIRE”. If it were up to me, I’d do something different from now on. Filming cheerleaders for instance, or burlesque stripping ladies.

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