REDSTAN cine-modified Iscorama anamorphic


REDSTAN Iscorama 001 anamorphic lens

No you are not dreaming!

Finally a new anamorphic offering, these are the first images of a modded cine-Iscorama. The lenses are built in England by Alan, a cinematographer.

Only 8 exist. Above is the REDSTAN Iscorama 001.

They are still in development and not on sale yet according to Alan on the Cinema5D forums, “doing more tweaks but these are gonna be a sensation,small sharp and perfect for a RED”.

And a DSLR of course.

The lenses are ‘all different and bespoke’ and feature Isco’s patented focussing system allowing you to focus only the anamorphic with the prime set to infinity. As you can see they also have the industry standard follow focus gearing.

The lenses are not all identical, being truly unique custom jobs.

Apparently says Alan they are ‘a mixture of rebuilt vintage single magnesium fluoride coated Isco optics, rehoused Iscorama and spare Isco parts’. No news yet on whether they are 1.5x or 2x lenses – I strongly expect 1.5x from Isco optics, since the Iscorama lenses are 1.5x, whilst Kowa and others tend to be 2x. Talking of Kowa, those lenses would be an ideal candidate for a mod like this as long as an optical engineer could find out how to copy Isco’s patented focussing system. The Kowa is just as tack-sharp, flares well and focusses as closely as the Iscorama and yet is a lot cheaper.

I know Alan from my own research into the world of anamorphic lenses and his clamps which were the best on eBay. They’re now available through Alan’s own website at

I simply cannot wait to see the first images from these lenses. The bad news is – don’t expect them to be cheap!

By ways of compensation here is some ‘anamorphic porn’. Ridley and Tony would be proud!

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  1. Probably totally different Kowa than what your talking about, but I have an old Kowa Six medium format cam with the 80mm f2.8. Is that adaptable in someway to the GH2 or for being used anamorphically?

  2. That Kowa isn’t an anamorphic lens like you say, not sure if it can be adapted since you haven’t mentioned what mount it is. I once used a Zeiss 80mm F2.8 medium format lens on my GH2 and Canon, that adapted. You will have to find out the mount and search on eBay for an adapter to Micro Four Thirds.

  3. Not sure what the name of the mount is, don’t know if it shares the mount with any other brand… It is a Kowa lens that goes on a Kowa Six medium format camera. Very old stuff. I’ve looked for adapters before and haven’t come across anything.

  4. There are much better options to shoot anamorphic on a DSLR.
    These lenses on the eBay link are designed for projection purposes (I have seen one of these lenses on the film projector at an old fashioned cinema I went tonight) and not for filming. With a 40mm rear thread and 150mm length most probably you will get a tunneling effect (vignetting). Let alone the fact that minimum focus distance is quite long and that you not even have a focusing ring.
    Better look for the much more tested Kowas (16-H, Bell & Howell, or the smaller 16, 16A, 16d if you are on crop sensor), Sankor (16D, or 16F) or Singer (16D) lenses as cheaper alternatives of the much sought after Iscoramas (36, 42, 54, or the more “common” Iscorama non-36 which is basically a smaller 36).

  5. Heh. This video is cool! FYI….his name is Vincent Pascoe, a TOTAL stud! He rented this lens/kit from me (500 per month!) I’m so happy that you posted his work here as an example. Also…thanks for posting this MOD. I was going to have mine mod-ed by Matthew Duclos, but maybe I’ll have to wait, huh? :) Cheers!

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