Dispelling the myths, is the Canon C300 worth $15,999?

Whilst I still prefer the small size and ‘tourist’ stealth factor of DSLRs for the kind of shooting I do, I can recognise why a great many want a Canon C300. The handling, EF mount, image quality and low light performance – as well as built in ND, audio monitoring and build quality are worth the money to many professionals.

But actually there are some myths flying around about the C300 and the competition is far stronger sub $10,000, even sub $6,000 than people realise.

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The Sony FS100 – Why professionals are all mad

Is the FS100 (and F3 even more so) worth such a lot of money now DSLRs are in the game? EOSHD believes that for some people, yes they are. But the elephant in the room is that they produce the same end result for the audience, the same product. This is going to be quite a controversial article so please bear in mind the disclaimer that whether any camera is worth £5000 to you depends on your exact perspective and job. (For example high build quality is essential for rental houses, but is not something that effects the end result).

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