HalfInchRails S2 – the most agile run & gun DSLR rig?

This rig from HalfInchRails is a refreshing no-bullshit approach to DSLR rigging. Rigs are essential for handheld footage (OIS is floaty and raw handheld DSLR shooting is jittery and amateurish) but sometimes they really do make things much more expensive and awkward than they should be.

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Great starter’s guide to DSLR rigs

I was messaged this today on the site from Phil Holland – thanks Phil!

He’s done a great job explaining and demonstrating his rig, with a general overview of why one is useful.

I’m all for keeping this kind of equipment at a minimum for the job in hand. That’s why Phil’s video is good – because it’s a nice practical rig and not too bulky or complex, plus it can be stripped down quickly and easily.

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