Last chance to order your early 4K raw AXIOM Beta – a Linux based open source camera

The crowd funding campaign for the AXIOM camera ends in just hours and has been a massive success, surpassing the funding target early.

The open source cinema camera is backed by Magic Lantern, Philip Bloom and other leading lights of the DSLR community. It’s the people’s camera, taking control back into our own hands. What’s interesting is that it also unleashes Magic Lantern’s extraordinary ability for the first time outside the closed platform of a Canon DSLR. They now have hardware they can work directly with the manufacturer with, without any need to reverse engineer a DSLR.

This for me is the future of Magic Lantern. To be their own open source camera designer and manufacturer along with AXIOM.

Go to the Indigogo campaign today to get your camera!

Don’t wait much longer, as early units are significantly discounted. After the end of the funding campaign, retail prices will be offered instead.

Key points

  • Top spec option – Super 35mm sensor, 4K raw output, global shutter
  • Alternative options – Micro 4/3 and 16mm sensors for 2K but other benefits like 13 stop dynamic range
  • External recording via 3x HDMI
  • External control via portable device (like smartphone or remote control)
  • €1600-2300 euros for early adopters
  • Price of retail 4K S35 model rises to €5990 euros after crowd funding campaign so get yours in the next few hours to benefit from the low price
  • Linux based OS

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