Super Micro 4/3rds?

Above: Could Micro 4/3rds be shrunk even further, to catch the ultra slim NEX series from Sony?

Those with a keen eye for rumours which usually turn out right, will have noticed Panasonic’s mid-term management report on recently.

In it, they say their aim for the interchangeable lens camera division is to make a super thin, super high image quality camera.

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Leica Summilux C cinema primes for the Panasonic AF100?

With the announcement of the AF100, Panasonic have got a jump on the professional video departments of other manufacturers, notably Sony and Canon. They also have a relationship with Leica.

Today I received news that new Micro 4/3rds cine lenses similar to the Summilux C range (housing by Band Pro, optical formulas by Leica) are going to form an integral part of the AF100 package.

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