Steve Huff quits camera reviews for communicating with the paranormal

Maybe he can ask a spirit on the other side when Panasonic will adopt phase-detect autofocus?

The camera reviewer Steve Huff is no longer with us and has passed to the other side.

In a recent video he says he has stopped playing the camera game, perhaps this was due to a tip off from the other side that the industry is going down the drain.

The video has a confession about how much Steve won in the game. Camera reviewing as a sport sponsored by B&H.

But now 14 years later Steve is in the afterlife, so he doesn’t mind burning Charon’s boat and telling Leica’s PR man to go huff himself.

From now on if Steve wants to review a camera, he will merely go out and buy it himself on B&H Ghouls & Ghosts.

Maybe Steve can ask for a refund in the spirit realm once he’s finished reviewing it.

I myself have been communicating with the dead for years.

DSLR video users.

Many of them do not need to find spiritualism or God, because they worship Philip Bloom instead.

In a shocking case of karma it appears Steve Huff’s followers will now be tempted to spend even more money, as he is now reviewing audiophile gear.

He also seems to have some sort of bluetooth speaker which the dead talk to him through.

A bit like Skyping with ghosts.

For those who want to contact their own dead, Steve has an iPhone app for that. I downloaded it and opened it up, suddenly the voice of Samsung’s camera PR department came through loud and clear offering me a review sample of the NX1.

I also used it to contact the product manager for the EOS R5, but unfortunately he was in hell.

He did let me know however that the very fiery nature of hell itself is powered by ten thousand EOS R5s recording 8K.

Which has apparently saved the devil more than $100,000 off his gas bill.

So I wish Steve well with his paranormal business activities and can reassure myself now that whatever happens to EOSHD, I can continue to talk about cameras from beyond the grave sometime in the future when it’s all over.

Just download my new Camera Talk From The Otherside app, it’s free but costs £50 per month.

Here you will be able to get all the latest insight from NAB from an invisible ghost that sneaks into meetings without anybody noticing.

I also have a spirit inside Canon’s factory which leaks the release dates of RF lenses.

That’s all for now, see you on the other side Steve.