Sony VG20 – worthy challenger to the FS100?


Above: first look at the VG20 including sample footage (1080p).

Priced at $1599 body only, the new VG20 features a curiously titled APS-HD CMOS with 16MP. This is the same sensor as the NEX 5N and NEX C3 and a decent one at that. It does ISO 100 to 25,600 which is gain 0db to 30db.

Like the FS100 it has an E-Mount and unlike the VG10 it gets a proper encoding format – 1080/60p and 24p with 25p for PAL users.

AF tracking and touch-focus are said to work well on the VG20. At least with the video optimised Sony lenses like the 18-200mm and 18-55mm E-Mount. Unlike the Sony DSLRs it has manual audio control and an upgraded Dolby 5.1 surround sound mic.

According to Sony the VG20 has Cinema Gamma and Colour settings (like Technicolor CineStyle on Canon DSLRs? Probably more like the Cinema Gamma film mode on the GH2).

Full HD video shooting in the AVCHD™ format is now complemented by a choice of 24p and 60p (progressive) frame rate options. Footage shot at 24p can be enhanced with Cinema Tone Gamma™ and Cinema Tone Color™ for an even richer, more cinematic look.

More information as I get it