Sony overtake Nikon in US camera market

Thanks to strong sales of the Sony A7R II and A7S II, Sony has announced a 23% year on year growth in sales to catapult the company into second place on the market.

This is quite an historic moment in the camera business because for decades Canon and Nikon have ruled the DSLR market with almost identical products. As of 2017, the term used to describe the best selling camera platform “Canikon” – is out of date. Nikon is in trouble and looking to be a bit-part player in the camera industry as Sony innovate.”Canony” might be a better description of the current dominant camera models.

Says Sony:

“Sony’s interchangeable lens cameras and lenses have seen record sales in 2017, in particular within the U.S. full-frame camera market, where they have experienced double-digit growth (+23%) 2 compared to the same period last year.  The popularity of key models including α7RII and α7SII has been paramount to this success.”

Sony claim that without their models selling like hotcakes, the full frame market as a whole would have shown a decline in sales year on year, reflecting just how poorly the traditional DSLR manufacturers are performing.