Sony FX6 is here, but will you still have a job to go with it?

Sony have released their latest pandemic camera. The FX6 is a cut down FX9 priced at $6K. Image quality and frame rates are pretty much the same as the A7S III, but due to an even lower resolution sensor there is no 4K in Super 35mm mode. It has no IBIS, no EVF and a horrible small pokey touch screen. The controls are from the 1990’s.

There is no anamorphic or Super 16mm crop mode, no internal ProRes or RAW. The only really innovative feature is the electronic ND filter, which I wish Sony had implemented on the A7S III.

To be honest this camera bores me to tears but if you read Newsshooter and Cinema5D while jerking off into tissue paper, you will be very excited by it.

The FX6 goes up against the RED Komodo, Canon C70 and Z-CAM E2-F6 which all have more innovative form factors and better codecs… Although only the Z-CAM offers a full frame sensor.

If you remove the handle from the FX6 you lose ALL your audio jacks!

Clearly if you are invested in S35 cine lenses or PL mount the FX6 is not for you either. Sony wants you to buy the E-mount full frame stills and video lenses for it.

Unfortunately for most video pros, coronavirus continues to make this kind of camera a bit pointless anyway.

So don’t threat. Keep calm and carry on with what you already use.