Sneak preview – 5D Mark III Zeroed AA Filter – First footage for download


Here is a sneak preview of whats to come. Please be sure to download the 50Mbit constant bitrate clip rather than judging it from the highly compressed Vimeo stream.

This clip is shot with my modded 5D Mark III without the anti-aliasing filter softening the image. The clip was shot on the softest setting with no in-camera sharpening. Removing the AA filter also makes the camera sensitive to infrared light and gives you a bit of extra detail in the shadows, but you will need an IR-cut filter on your lens for electric lighting and black fabrics. Canon recently produced a 60Da for astro-photography and with this mod the Mk III becomes a 5Da!

There’s no serious issues with moire and aliasing after removing the filter.

As for the resolution increase – it is there!

Neither James Miller or myself has yet had time to test this against a normal 5D Mark III but I do intend to do this soon.

I’m also putting together a step by step guide book on how to do this mod yourself (the safest way). Opening / rebuilding the camera takes about 30 minutes each way (if you follow my instructions).

More to follow in a few days.