Sign up for the Philip Bloom US Tour


As you may know, Philip Bloom is having another holiday in the US later this year – I mean, tour!

In a continuoation of his hotel timelapse series, Philip will be visiting 12 cities to help people get the best out of DSLRs, which is nice.

So if you want to get your hands on Philip, and his nice equipment, now is your chance. You can sign-up here and pay by PayPal. The price is fantastic in my view. $150 for a workshop run by one of the most famous filmmakers in the world! Seriously, it is a good price.

You have up to 7th March to grab the first tickets, for the Chicago workshop on the 8th. The tour concludes on the 6th April in LA.

The tour is being organised by Phil’s friends Canon Filmmakers, and will be sponsored by some big names such as Zacuto and Zeiss. It’s also a great way to meet other filmmakers.

There is so much info out there right now about DSLRs, when you mix it altogether some of it is becoming a real confusing heap of waffle. A workshop is a good way to cut through that and get to the core of what matters. You can’t beat being hands on with the equipment and experts.

There is also a contest where you can WIN a place at a workshop.

You have to submit a 30 second video saying why you’d like to go, and may the best win.