Panasonic GH2 announcement – what to expect

[youtube]–hs[/youtube] Above – The Panasonic GH1 is about to be superseded.

With Photokina only a week and a half away, we can now begin to fill in the gaps. What’s reasonable to expect of the GH2 successor?

It’s a mixed bag I believe. For me the most exciting features are 60p in FHD mode, the faster kit lens and the manual audio controls. I expect image quality will be improved in terms of fixed pattern noise, and slightly better high ISO performance – probably on par with the 7D at high ISOs but nothing earth shattering about it. There is also 3D support via HDMI v1.4 for Panasonic’s 3D lens and a touch screen (meh).

Global shutter? It all went a bit quiet on that, I believe Panasonic still have it under development and until the prototype sensors are delivering better dynamic range and noise (two caveats of current global shutter sensors) they will not be putting it in a consumer camera.

• 18MP (16MP effective) Live MOS (NMOS) Multi Aspect Ratio Sensor with gapless micro-lenses (as 7D)
• ISO 100-6400 (100-3200 in movie mode), ISO 12800 HI, ISO 50 LO
• [COLOR=”blue”>1080/60p AVCHD 17Mbps (HA)[/COLOR]
• 720/60p AVCHD 17Mbps
• Dual Venus Engine HD 2 processors
• [COLOR=”blue”>12-75mm F2.5 OIS HD kit lens[/COLOR]
• Touchscreen free-angle LCD 480k
• [COLOR=”blue”>Manual audio levels control via touch screen[/COLOR]
• HDMI v1.4 output
• 3D lens and playback support (via Panasonic 3D TV, HDMI v1.4 compatible)
• 6fps continuous shooting

Features reserved for AF100

• Rock solid implementation of AVCHD 21Mbps (PH)
• Live uncompressed HDMI out

EOSHD’s wish-list, AKA what we’re not getting!

• Native 24p AVCHD
• Multi-aspect ratio switch like on the LX3, LX5
• Magnesium alloy construction, weather proofed (Not high grade plastic, like previous G-series cameras)
• 920k resolution LCD