Panasonic: Consumer market will lead on 4K

Above: Nino Leitner interviews Panasonic at IBC 2013

I have been given some exciting information about the future of the GH-line. But I can’t say anything about it yet. Stay tuned to 43rumors in 2-3 weeks time.

Needless to say the consumer division of Panasonic are turning their attention to 4K in a big way.

Sensibly the professional division, (which makes most of it’s revenue from broadcasters) are focussing on making 4K ready for TV production and distribution.

This means more efficient codecs, better recording media and at the end of all that finally a broadcast solution in the form of the 4K Vari-Cam, which will be released by the end of October 2014.

Say Panasonic:

“By integrating the latest 4K technology, the VariCam will support 4K shooting from 24p to 100/120p. To enable even better 4K video productions, Panasonic will fit the 4K VariCam with a newly developed Super35mm size high sensitivity image sensor with 4K resolution. The sensor will feature wide dynamic range, extended colour space, and support for Log.”

The frame rate of 120fps is considered by some major broadcasters as a future television format, replacing 1080/60i.

If you’d like 120fps to go with your 120hz refresh rates on your new 4K OLED it seems you have friends in high places who think likewise, at the BBC for example.

I personally think that idea is bad and to eliminate all motion blur is a huge mistake from the point of view of aesthetics and storytelling.

That higher frame rate is however useful for slo-mo and it leaves room under the Vari-Cam for a 4K camera which cannot do 120p but could offer 24p and 60p without usurping the bigger brother.

So with the pro A/V solutions part of Panasonic focussed on broadcast, there’s a good chance steps will be taken on the cinema camera side by other departments at Panasonic.

Watch this space.