Nikon Z6 II firmware update fix for EOSHD Z-LOG and custom picture profiles in 4K/60p

Nikon’s latest firmware update (1.20) for the Nikon Z6 II (and Z7 II) contain an important fix for users of EOSHD Z-LOG shooting 4K/50p or 4K/60p.

With the old firmware, every second frame was corrupted at the higher frame rates when using a custom picture profile. The issue did not appear in 24p or 30p, only at the higher frame rates which are feature of the new “Mark II” models.

EOSHD Z-LOG is an internal 8bit LOG profile for the Z series mirrorless cameras and Nikon DSLRs. Loaded onto the camera via the memory card, it can then be accessed forevermore in the Picture Profiles menu when internal LOG recording is required. (Nikon’s official N-LOG profile is only available via HDMI to an external device).

Here is the download page for version 1.20 of the new firmware (Z6 II):

(And the same firmware 1.20 for Nikon Z7 II is here)


  • “Using custom Picture Controls created with Manage Picture Control when recording movies at a frame size/rate of 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD); 60p or 50p would sometimes produce unexpected results.”

The firmware update also contains autofocus improvements.

A big thanks to Nikon for identifying the problem and fixing it.

If you are interested in shooting and grading LOG without an external recorder on Nikon cameras you can find out about EOSHD Z-LOG here.