LukiLink project turns smartphones into an HDMI monitor

If, like me you have ever wanted to use the OLED screen of your lovely thin and light smartphone as an HDMI monitor for your camera, you are now officially in luck.

The LukiLink will give you that long-awaited HDMI input.

A KickStarter campaign has been launched for the product, and the good news is it does actually exist. You can see it tested above and below by Frank Glencairn. Now it’s open to the crowd to buy for just $79 with an expected ship date of October 2017.

HDMI recorders and field monitors all still have one drawback – they are as thick as bricks with their reliance on chunky Canon and Sony batteries. It’s always baffled me as to why none of them have come out with a super lightweight, razor thin OLED display with HDMI input and built in battery that lasts as long as a smartphone.

Well the game is over for them now as an adapter has been created that does the job instead.

For the earlybird price of $79 you’re practically getting a super-thin OLED monitor with an HDMI input.

This works with any camera that has an HDMI output – like the Canon 1D C. There’s no reliance on WiFi pairing or choppy refresh rate, pixilation and drop-outs.

The LukiLink even allows the phone to act as a recorder, although the capabilities and bitrates are limited compared to a dedicated one.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here and order your unit!