Live at Photokina! Hands on with GH2 Part 1


Located the GH2’s spec sheet in English. 40fps at 4 megapixel has no limit in JPEG mode. Just 7 images in RAW. This is hugely promising for a 4k video hack. Clearly, new hardware is capable.

FSH is 1080p 24Mbit, and FHD is 1080p 17Mbit. Good to see Panasonic listened!! Most importantly of all sensor output is 50/60p.

Screen remains at 480,000 pixels but clarity and colour greatly improved.

Rep told me the GH2 would output 1080p live via HDMI, but I don’t believe his positive answers regarding uncompressed feed and live monitoring whilst recording until I see it for my own eyes. They have demonstration later.

Doing some ISO tests now. Certainly cleaner than GH1 at ISO 1600.


Continuously updating live from the show!

Panasonic GH2 is better than expected and was able to record some video. Has a mysterious FSH mode as well as FHD and 720p. Screen much improved. Appears to be 60p on sensor with option for native 24p cinema mode but need to confirm 100%.

Has variable frame rates for slow motion – intriguing feature!!

Body is higher grade material than before, feels great.

Can shoot up to ISO 3200 in video mode.

More soon!