John Brawley posts new Blackmagic Cinema Camera footage

Blackmagic Cinema Camera - Pool Shark by John Brawley

Please note the compression and noise is from Vimeo not the camera

John Brawley has some new Blackmagic footage for us. Unfortunately Vimeo streams 1080p at something like 7Mbit and John has no download option on this clip, so watching Blackmagic footage when it is so heavily compressed rather defeats the object of such a lovely 12bit raw camera.

Nevertheless dynamic range and resolution are looking pretty good.

Here are some frame grabs… (click to enlarge to 1080p)

Lovely stuff!

To get an idea of how much extra resolution you will get in raw mode on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, I’ve boxed off this next 1080p frame from John in a 2.5K one.

It is significant.

I just wish the bitrate of the online clip was properly representative of the camera, without all that terrible macro blocking and noise.

Even if the firmware isn’t final, camera companies need to stop putting out streaming clips and give us either…

A) A 80Mbit H.264 file from FCPX or Premiere

B) The original file from the SSD or SD

Having the original file may not be representative of the final firmware but it will be far MORE representative than a pixilated Vimeo stream, and a far better advertisement for the camera.

All that compression is so unnecessary. Why claim that the image quality is much less than it actually is? Most people will miss the disclaimer and judge the camera from that compression!

The launch is approaching and the Blackmagic scene is hotting up. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Watch it here