HDSLR Wiki Launches

EOSHD.com presents the HDSLR Wiki – an invaluable resource for the creative HDSLR video shooter or the professional cinematographer!*

EOSHD today introduces a new feature of the site, one which I hope shooters will find helpful in days to come (especially those new to video on HDSLRs).

The HDSLR Wiki at wiki.eoshd.com

Wikis are a cute way of spreading the word, but often tech-related ones get really bogged down with details only someone working on the Wiki themselves understand. EOSHD wants to avoid this entirely with the HDSLR Wiki and for now it is aimed squarely at people who want to be creative, get on with shooting, and make sure they glean as much knowledge of HDSLRs as possible with as little effort as possible.

The advantages of this wiki are that:

• No need to search 140 page threads on forums, which often contain 99% bullshit
• It’s a clear, readable and indexed archive for useful info to remain in
• It’s in one place!
• It makes for good bedtime reading especially when your girlfriend if she can’t nod off
• It contains useful tips on how to get the most out of the cameras and how to use stuff – at least it will when it’s finished

Like all Wiki’s the site remains work in progress, but over the last few days I’ve put my back out and really given it a start and a foundation for us to build on later. Do we have a plan? Of course, like all pedantic fact pedlars we have a plan…

Whether I stick to it is another matter!

The HDSLR Wiki project has 3 phases

Phase 1
A humble beginning! I have laid out the structure and contents, to build on later.

Phase 2
In phase 2 allows shooters to step up and show their knowledge on HDSLRs, I’ll invite specific people to contribute when phase 1 is finished. These guys and gals can contribute by editing the Wiki directly.

Phase 3
In phase 3, the Wiki becomes 100% open like the real Wikipedia. Anybody who accesses the site will be able to show their knowledge, by adding factual information to the Wiki. I will continue to take care of the editorial, hosting and structure of content.

Obviously, without going out and actually using the cameras, writing about them is pointless. So the firm objective for the HDSLR Wiki is that it’s contents aid shooters who shoot stuff or is interesting to read for tech and gadget lovers. Whilst I am fascinated by technology and that’s what the site will concentrate on for the time being I won’t ever forget in the midst of all the charts and specs, that filmmaking is first and foremost about creativity, networking with other creative people and finally like all good art – what looks good and gets people thinking, inspired or motivated.

* Eventually

Footnote: check out this new HDSLR website – looking good guys! [URL]http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com