Fuji, Kodak, Sigma, Sanyo join Micro 4/3rds consortium, plan HDSLR and video cameras

The deal is done.

April 1st is a strange news day by all accounts and it’s good to have some fun, especially as the HDSLR news is a bit slow right now. But some of the real news today has been buried amongst the flurry of joking.

Well, out of the blue has come this –

After lengthy talks with Panasonic and Olympus, 4 new manufacturers have signed up to produce Micro 4/3rds product lines.

Fuji will make a Micro 4/3rds mount mirrorless HDSLR similar to the GH1

Kodak have also joined the consortium and will produce a smaller GF1 style camera with their own sensor.

Sigma will provide lenses for now but for the future my sources say a Micro 4/3rds camera based on their Foveon sensor is in development.

Sanyo has also joined the group, under owners Panasonic. Sanyo will manufacturer lower-end Micro 4/3rds mount interchangeable lens video cameras and camcorders.

Induvidual company announcements and a joint statement won’t be available until their product plans are further advanced but you can see the official confirmation of this on the official Four Thirds consortium website under Supporting Companies.