A filmmaker review of EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras

EOSHD Pro Color is available here

On the excellent YouTube channel “Harv Video/Audio Stuff” based in Bristol, UK came this unexpected surprise – a review of my EOSHD Pro Color tuner for Sony mirrorless cameras.

Sony’s default colour science has always been a tricky subject for their users. The straight out of the camera results on the default settings, even the advanced Picture Profile settings do look very video-ish. Not everyone wants to use a LUT and in S-LOG the colour often looks even worse depending on the user’s ability to grade, which by the way, is why Panasonic charge $99 for V-LOG as an optional add-on. Looking at the issues with S-LOG on Sony’s side, Panasonic are reluctant to have regular users shooting LOG and stores having to support this – because it’s very hard to get good results with it and it requires a lot of software expertise for an average photographer / casual video shooter.

A lot of the Sony footage on YouTube implies Panasonic were justified to have those concerns! However, this is all very elitist and I wanted to solve the problem. The great thing about EOSHD Pro Color is that it fixes colour in-camera rather than with a LUT. It frees you to focus on the all important shoot and edit, leaving the colour to the camera’s very capable processor, which I have tweaked to the max to fix all the weird Sony issues such as blue channel clipping, yellowy skin, orangey reds, harsh highlight roll off and green-ish hues to warm scenes.

The A7S II for example with EOSHD Pro Color dialled in, can actually do a beautiful job of a scene with mixed temperatures of light in it such as a dusk cityscape which has cool tones at street level and warm tones in the sky. Sony’s hardware itself and their sensors are actually superb and with these settings you can be sure the tonal rendition in the files straight off the card match that of the most pleasing cameras on the market for colour.

There’s also this test of EOSHD Pro Color shot on the A7R II in Australia by Steve Chan at DSI Pictures. This does a great job of showing how EOSHD Pro Color removes the video-ish feel to colour on Sony’s cameras.

EOSHD Pro Color is available here

So thank you Harv, do check out his superb YouTube channel here and also give DSI a fly-past here – some absolutely great camera and lens tests on their channel.

Cheers everyone!