EOSHD Podcast Episode 2 – An interview with Michael Moore’s producer, Jeff Gibbs about their new film “Planet Of The Humans”

In Episode 2 of The EOSHD Podcast (Available now on Anchor and Spotify) I talk to Michael Moore’s producer Jeff Gibbs. Jeff’s film Planet Of The Humans is a documentary exploring the dangerous corporate co-opt of the clean energy industry around the world. Can the technology of an industrialised civilisation save us from industrialised civilisation itself?

And most importantly, how much do you trust the astoundingly wealthy corporate people hawking the solutions.

A big thanks to Jeff for coming on the show.

Mr Gibb’s other work with Michael Moore of course includes Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine, but Jeff started working on this film a long time ago – it has been a very personal adventure for Jeff, as the natural world and the environment is a life-long love for him. In this conversation you will discover the even more inconvenient truth about climate change and who is really pulling the strings in the background – without any conspiracies or baseless disguised attacks on clean energy – this film only deals with the facts and is extremely well researched. A lot of the thinking behind our move to renewable energy and cleaner technology is well intended, but the existing fossil fuel industry is steadfastly behind the scenes – maybe even larger than ever.

Planet of The Humans is available to stream now for free on Amazon Prime (Amazon UK, USA).

Michael Moore's Planet of The Humans - Jeff Gibbs

Further listening

You can also check out Michael Moore’s interviews on the subject of the movie at YouTube below…

About Jeff Gibbs

Movie producer Jeff is a long-time EOSHD reader and camera enthusiast as well. We talked in my earlier days in Berlin and it was great to reunite again for this podcast!

Beginning with his old Panasonic GH2 on this film, later shots involved the Panasonic GH5 and Canon 1D C.

It is Jeff himself in front of the camera too, presenting various sequences in the movie (and composing much of the score). Michael Moore is a producer on this movie and has helped to get the movie launched.

It’s an important and timely piece of filmmaking that can help a more rational discourse happen on climate change, hopefully helping to keep in check some of the corporate greed, hypocrisy, faulty thinking and dangerous industry endeavours disguised as ‘planet saving’ such as biomass, mass deforestation and certain biofuels. Wind and solar have their problems too, as Jeff Explains in our interview and in the movie – that to think of climate change only as an issue of reducing carbon emissions is very dangerous.

I found Jeff to be a true environmentalist and advocate of the natural world. A real enthusiast who loves this precious blue planet of ours. I hope David Attenborough is listening and taking notes! We need as many trusted voices to further the reach of movie as possible.

Enjoy the podcast!