Come to the Covergence – 1st March London BFI

Converge are doing great justice to the DSLR community, they *get* it. Their last festival was a massive success and their next one begins on the 1st March at a very plush home, the British Film Institute on London’s South Bank.

Speakers include Philip Bloom, Kevin Shahinian, Richard Jobson, Robin Schmidt and Danfung Dennis – all on the one day, beginning at 9am. Check the schedule here for more info.

I’m currently contributing to the Converge blog which is a great read, full of the sharpest views from around the DSLR community – they have chosen very wisely, as you can see!! I hope to make it for the 1st March from my new home in Berlin schedule permitting so it will be great to see you there. I will be recognisable from having Jim Jannard’s boot print etched prominently across my forehead.

May the revolution (of sorts) continue!

Day 2 is a DSLR workshop day, a bargain for £55 – so my advice, is take the 2 days for £100 and it will be an experience you can take home with you as well as enjoy on the day.

Converge Awards

Also at Converge, we’ll see the results of the DSLR film awards. You can enter here.

“The prize is the chance to get your film shown in the National Film Theatre on the first day of the Converge Festival. You will also get a pair of free tickets to the event and some great prizes from our sponsors. The deadline for submissions is 12:00pm GMT, 20th February 2011.”