Canon officially discontinue entire DSLR range, 1D X Mark III to cease production

Canon 1D X Mark III

The optical viewfinder and EF mount is officially dead.

An opportunity for Pentax to take over a niche market?

In an interview with the Japanese press (, CEO Fujio Mitarai says the 1D X Mark III will be the final Canon DSLR in production, and when it ceases production that’ll be it. There will be no future 5D after the current Mark IV and no new 7D.

This news just 2 years ago would have been unthinkable.

It’s not surprising that Canon want to focus on mirrorless cameras, but I think it still feels a bit “off” that they’ve taken the decision to completely kill off the optical viewfinder.

Mechanical cameras and optical viewfinders will be missed by many.

EF mount lenses are still some of the most widely used due to their compatibility with multiple mirrorless systems.

It’s a shame to realise we’ve probably seen the final EF lens from Canon.

Also, I would have liked to have seen a hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder model. There was space for continued innovation in DSLRs.

There’s no doubt the 1D X Mark III will remain a powerful tool way into the future. There will of course be no true 1D C Mark II but the latter may as well be.

Until we see an EOS R5 C or similar to take on the Sony A7S III and Panasonic S1H, the gap in spec between the general hybrid model and video specialised models seems to be disappearing. Just look at the codec options on the Nikon Z9.

So my money is on no Cinema EOS mirrorless cameras. They’ll stay in the mould of a C70, a camcorder without extensive stills features.

RIP Canon DSLRs then!

And hold onto your 1D X Mark III, it’ll be worth a lot in the future.

Now, over to you Pentax!