Canon EOS R5 to get firmware update for Canon LOG 3 and more compressed 8K RAW recording (possibly 4K RAW too)

Canon are working on a firmware update for the EOS R5.

It won’t be available immediately but does add some interesting goodies.

The EOS R5 is scheduled to ship at the end of July. The EOS R6 won’t be here until the end of August.

Then in September, Sony are expected to ship the A7S III with 10bit 4K/120p and unlimited recording times. It is not clear yet whether the A7S III will shoot internal RAW.

The EOS R5 update will add lower bitrates in RAW for more manageable file sizes. Currently only 8K RAW is available at a hefty 2500Mbit.

The wording is ambiguous enough to imply that a new more compressed RAW mode will be available “for all resolutions and frame rates” including 4k and 1080p. However this more likely refers to just the new low bitrate IPB mode. That said it would be great to have compressed 4K and 2K RAW recording!

Canon LOG 3 will be added which is a flatter profile for extra dynamic range in 10bit.

1080/120p will also be coming in the firmware update.