ARRI ALEXA 35 – FULL specs, brochure images and 17 stops dynamic range sample shot

This is the new ALEXA 35!

All recording modes and maximum frame rates:

The camera benefits from a faster sensor and 10 year newer technology.

In case you’re wondering what 17 stops dynamic range looks like. Here’s a sample frame:

Arri promises 17 stops dynamic range with a 1.5 stop improvement in the shadows alone. This is a less noisy sensor and cleaner in low light. EI 6400 is the maximum sensitivity, but should be very clean at that level.

The camera is significantly smaller and lighter (2.9kg / 6.4lbs) than the old beast. For reference, that is still heavier than the ALEXA MINI which tips the scales at 2.3kg.

Full specs sheet:

(Note the new sensor has a standard Bayer pattern CFA and is 4.6K resolution, giving us a sweet spot 6 micron photosites).

The camera shoots ARRI RAW and ProRes, but there’s no compressed RAW codec like RED.

Modern inclusions are: Built in WIFI module, option to use EF mount, built in ND filter with settings of 0.6,1.2,1.8 and REC 2100 Hybrid LOG Gamma. The ALEXA-35 uses an electronic rolling shutter (no global shutter as far as I can tell).

At 28mm horizontal the new sensor is slightly wider than normal Super 35mm in 4.6K mode, similar to how the RED cameras operate.

ARRI hint at a dual native ISO sensor design in the brochure.

“An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode can be applied to settings between EI 2560 and EI 6400, producing an even cleaner image in low light.”

The famous ARRI dynamic range and colour science has taken considerable advances, but it’s hard to improve on perfection even after 10 years.

They describe the new image processing pipeline as follows:

ARRI Debayer Algorithm ADA-7

  • Converts ARRIRAW into camera native RGB image data
  • Makes the most of the new sensor’s capabilities
  • Cleaner color edges for blue and greenscreens
  • Easy compositing speeds up VFX work in post

ARRI Color Engine ACE4

  • Transforms camera native RGB image data into the AWG4 color space
  • Brings what the sensor sees closer to human visual perception
  • More subtle and accurate color reproduction
  • Pleasing and naturalistic rendition of all skin tones
  • Better color tracking and differentiation at all exposures
  • Much improved saturated colors (brake lights, neon signs)

The ALEXA-35 also features a new colour space, ARRI Wide Gamut AWG4 and new LOG curve (LogC4).

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