Come With Me (We Are One) – an EOSHD music video for DJ Paul Van Dyk


I’ve recently worked with the Grammy Award winning DJ, from Berlin – Paul Van Dyk. Although the final cut and grade was done by his record label, the shots are taken from my EOSHD camera test videos and personal creative shoots shot in Berlin over the past 12 months and it’s a real honour that such a major commercial artist appreciates my shots enough to associate them with his music.

There’s a variety of cameras in the mix, used to shoot the images – see if you can tell which. A big thanks to Christina Mj Zahra (dark haired girl dancing) and Frank Sauer (my collaborator on the Digital Bolex shoot with Christina).

Paul Van Dyk was one of the first real superstar DJs (For An Angel being one of his most well known tracks) and he’s a huge part of the Berlin music scene. Dance / trance fans enjoy!