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Is Red about to release an affordable camera?


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But then you have to add RED SSD, RED batteries, RED things... and then your bank calls you

I wonder how they will call it. Red-uzi, pistol, knife, bonebreaker, baseballbat, shrepnell...

Hey - I'm no Blackmagic lover, but even I can see that if you expose your shots properly both cameras are entirely usable. All cameras have their flaws, and let's be real - the Epic is (or was) $30k j

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that's nuts - it has no audio in or out.  man curious if these guys have used a c300 or fs7 before?  Mid range productions usually like to record audio into them. Lord help us all.

Hey Ed : ) but thats the thing I don't think the Raven is aimed as "traditional" mid-range productions, but more for "mid-range filmmakers" who want the red "mojo" for their film no-matter-what vs FS7/Ursa mini all-rounder cameras - ready for the wild. Now I don't know/understand in terms of market who is really going to go for the Raven... rich kids wanna be directors dropping off filmschool shooting their first short film ? Most companies I know tend to rent instead of buying the high-end gear (red or sony pro line). I'm very curious to see what the profile of the buyers will be. Personally I would never pre-order anything. I don't buy before I have seen what this thing can produce in terms of image. Heck even the Ursa mini 4.6k with its new sensor. 

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