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Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K ships!

Andrew Reid

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I am a little doubtful that it is footage from the 4.6K... I would have thought one of the better known videographers with close links to BM would be first with footage? Or is this guy linked to BM?

I thought it was a Sony at first, but I do think this is real URSA Mini 4.6k footage. You can see the thickness of the image in some shots. 

I think the underwhelming quality comes from the lack of experience grading/exposing/operating the Mini. At this stage, hardly anybody will know how the LOG Gamma curve behaves. 

Also there's no hint of added lighting in this video - Blackmagic cameras need controlled lighting. Like all cinema cameras. 

I cancelled my pre-order as work requirements have changed. Also I want to test it first - you can't base much judgement on a camera through random online videos. The majority of "tests" online for all cameras are pretty awful - even the paid for launch videos!

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please note that I didn't mean any disrespect with the word "legit"... Just wasn;t 100% sure, as usually that aussie dude puts out the first footage

I didn't either... I suppose it's not too inappropriate in the era of internet BS.

By the way... There's loads of new info, clips and photos of the Ursa Mini 4.6K at:


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A last note for future, though:

when we have some doubts the best is to trace the historic of the poster; some other videos on Roman Lah's YouTube don't let much margin for third doubts, the guy seemed legit.

It's the first thing I do when I watch a test (specially if I've been waiting months for it), but he could always be making some type of point like "I can make a7sII/FS5 footage look like a Ursa", you never know. And it was strange that it didn't come from one of the BM guys... but anyway, we just talking about some camera footage here, not anyones honor... just some pixel peeping fun!

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Not particularly impressed with that footage.

If I can cut the onion a tiny bit slimmer -- I'm not loving much of the cinematography in the clips on that thread, but the image quality itself (i.e. skin-tones, dynamic range, rolling shutter, etc.) looks pretty good. It's like, playing on a Fender won't make the average guitarist into Jimi Hendrix.

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