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Mixing A7s with RX100IV - a perfect combo?


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I've resisted the urge to upgrade yet again. I did some extensive shooting this weekend and put the RX100IV through its paces along with the A7s. The A7s had the Zeiss 55mm 1.8 and the RX has of course another Zeiss built in. I shot both a lot of 4K and 100 fps with the RX and it never got to warm. I had the same PP on both cameras. S-log2 with detail way down and saturation at +20. A giwaway is of course the DOF on many shots that is the A7s but the clips match very well I think. What do you think? If you love american cars this is for you...


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without meaning any disrespect, to my eyes the video looks overly contrasty, lacking in detail and dynamic range. I would guess that even my GM1, which has been sitting around neglected for awhile, could deliver even better results. May I ask what ND filters you are using and how you are using them?

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I use no type of vari/grad ND's on the A7s just single Tiffen ND's of various strenghts. On the RX just the in-built ND. As for contrast, this is how I like it and punchy colors and contrast are what I was striving for and prefer. The +20 saturation or so in the s-log2 picture profile is part of what makes it happen.

The yellow color could be removed I guess with some work and time if so desired.

Appreciate feedback and always interesting to hear what others preferences are. :-) 


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