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Fantastic slow-mo/detail on new Canon C100 Mark ll


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Impressive..and color and sharpness very apparent upgrade from original C100.

That little bit extra..may not need external Star now. 

Really interesting how Canon engineers get this quality HD from lousy AVCHD 28mbps//MP4 35mbps  - (on paper

If you're going 1080p for 2015....you must seriously consider this cam.



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Kubrickian - Nice shooting - it appears to be the best (overall quality) 1080p 60p at this moment..possibly 24p 1080 as well...What's your overall experience with the Mark ll? Please share your thoughts working on a shoot with it. 

I meant shooting on a 1080p cam (not 4K down)

jurand - you are incorrect - C100 Mark ll is superior in every way possible, including DR

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I started out on a 7D in 2011 and moved to a BMCC EF in 2013, so having a camera with a waveform monitor, XLRs, built-in NDs, even a proper top handle is a complete revelation. The DPAF works better and smoother than I expected but it's a bit of a drag having it restricted to the center of the frame. 

I would echo what other owners say about it - on paper the camera can't compete specs-wise but the features it offers causes it to "get out of the way" like all good technology. You are free creatively to focus on the moment at hand and get the shot. For awhile I was enjoying doing stills shoots more and I realized that's because all my gear was made for stills. Now that I have a video camera my stress levels have plumetted. 

Here's a couple shots with a DJi Ronin and a Tokina 11-16 with the DPAF activated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewtis5w1s2pyz66/Lynn B-Roll Misc.mp4?dl=0

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Advice; don't rule out the C100 just because it's 1080p, it's much better than MANY 4K cameras out there, including image quality. The only thing you're losing here is reframing in-post, but 4K is 90% important for us on a budget as it was the only way to get full 1080p, the C100 has that, so 4K on that camera would only be useful for reframing (or delivering in 4K of course). It's a fantastic little camera. I wish other companies would start copying the body type, the form, controls, NDs, audio, build quality, batter life, and highend IQ (Resolution, DR, aliasing, rolling shutter, lowlight, colours, everything). Don't be fooled by the 1080p 8bit 4:2:0 spec, it's a better image than BM 4K 12bit raw image (aliasing, lowlight, colours, DR) and more pushable in post too, just because of how noisy the BM sensor is. Point is, it's not hust about the codec spec, a nice sensor + good 8bit implementation can give excellent results, be better than a bad sensor + raw... When you also factor on all the ergonomics/usability element, you see the attraction. Just pick up one and shoot, edit and deliver something, you'll realize why it's such a lovely camera. 

I have my eye on that original C100 for 3900$...

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Delivering in 1080 does not necessarily mean shooting in 1080.


​Yes, clear advantage to shooting 4K for delivering 1080p.

Shooting 1080p in 2015 is a bit like shooting standard definition 720 x 480p in 2008.


One thing people need to realize is this is a 4k sensor, which leads to an amazing 1080p image. Obviously 4k is locked, but make no mistake this is NO 1080p sensor. C100 Mark II much better than any dslr out, heck Mark 1 delivers better quality than any other Dslr as well, including GH4, 5D, etc.

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Kubrickian - very nice! I'm actually surprised how well the DPAF worked on the Ronin..especially given how fast you were moving..didn't realize the tech was this for advanced..could easily save you in a pinch or even a desonhed shot..thanks for posting...Btw, yes it is funny how every Oscar nom for Best Picture this year was not shot on 4K..

Ebrahim - wise words...since you may be the only person?.. on these boards who have used the C100 and the Sony A7s....can you give while you would pick the C100 for a narrative shoot over the Sony? Is it just the form factor w/XLR and ND's...or...is there another reason?...I realize that the A7s may be a tad softer compared side by side...but not sure...thanks..

j.f.r. - Very true from the examples i've seen

AR - We all know the Big 3 read your blog, so I hate to be the messenger that you are officially out of the running for any new gear/financing/ sponsorship by Canon!:D



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I'm not Ebrahim, and have not shot with the A7s, but with the ole C100 MKI and was fallen in love with the image, alone the colours are simply superb.

I would second everything Ebrahim and j.f.r. have mentioned; just look at the footage and not at technical stuff.

When the A7s was announced, I was absolutely sure to get one for me, but the longer I watched the clips, the more dubious the colours became to me. It's really seldom to find ugly footage out of the Canon, but imho > x5 % of the Sony stuff just looks horrible, even on DVXuser.com (and that's quite diplomatically formulated; the real number would upset to many much people here, LOL  ).

Just have a look at the reviews of our Canadian guys that were filmed with the Sony (just turn the sound off :-)); this is NOT a reference for the A7 in my eyes, I'm afraid. 

There is a reason why Canikon are so big in pro photography - their pictures simply look so much better...

Others might disgree, that's fine with me, as I see every camera as a tool and Nikons for stills and the C100 MKII for filming just deliver the best results for me nearly direct out-of-cam and I would much prefer to spend my time waiting for right moment in the field instead of grading or even 'rescuing' my footage at home. :-)

I have not decided yet if I want the MkI or II, but I think the VF on the old one sucks too much.


edit: XLR is a GREAT argument too, at least for me.



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