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  1. "if you are going 1080 in 2015" assuming you mean deliver in 1080, you just spoke to 95% of all videographers in this board.
  2. Perplex

    A7x internal 4K

    holy crap, internal 4k on the a7s? I really do hope this becomes true.
  3. I currently have a 5d Mark III, Canon 70d. I would like to get the A7S, but I fear that shooting with 5d and A7s would be a headache to match in post. Can anyone chime in? I was thinking to shoot in Sony's S-Log and just apply a Canon LUT. (my grading skills are not strong). But I just wanted some input before I take the plunge. Any input would be very welcomed. Thank you.
  4. they state on their website that your paypal receipt is your order confirmation. Check their support/FAQ. They have an email address that takes post-sale inquiries. You can ask for a tracking number hopefully through there. I will be doing it shortly.
  5. This whole thread looks like it is dedicated to where this works with EF-S or not. Do you guys really have that many EF-S lenses?
  6. I put my order in yesterday evening. Hopefully it gets to the states in a speedy fashion!
  7. I guess I don't understand. Are you saying you'd pick the GH4 because it looks better? Because 5d mark iii raw is 14bit. You are losing color information with the GH4's 8bit. I have both the 5d mark iii ML RAW, and GH4 also.
  8. I grabbed the Fotodiox EF to MFT adapter. It's good enough to get by until the speedbooster arrives. But what happened to it? When Andrew did his review of the GH4, there was mass buzz going on about it. Now it just seemed to fizzle off. Anyone know anything about it?
  9. I figured so. It looks good. 30p gives it more of a personal feel IMO. interesting choice.
  10. someone on this forum said that metabones releases 3-5 months between each release, and since they just released the bmpcc ef to mft adapter, I'd say we are in for a wait. I hope that guy was wrong.
  11. just don't worry about the math of APS-C lenses. They are still fullframe lenses, but will have vignetting if placed on a fullframe camera. Take for instace the Sigma 18-35 mm. If the speedbooster takes the crop factor of the GH4, down past 1.5x or below you will have vignettting @ 18mm. keep it at 1.6 and above, and you're good.
  12. Great video. and good point. However; can i ask what framerate you edited this in? because it looks 30-ish. I assume tho its 24fps?
  13. Perplex

    4K timeline

    timeline should be 1080. just drop in your 4k footage, and it will be automatically downsized crop as necessary. this guy talks about it here
  14. hold on hold on. How do you modify the BMCC speedbooster to make it fit the GH4? Can you provide explanation!?
  15. Perplex

    GH4 to get Log

    can anyone explain what Log means altogether? and the difference between it and LUT?
  16. Anytime metabones releases somethinng, there is like a 3-5 month delay till the next product. So you can expect AT LEAST 3-5 months
  17. What mount would you use on the A7s for Canon EF lenses? Can anyone recommend a quality adapter?
  18. oh man that GH4 ISO makes me want to return it and grab the A7s in a few weeks. :(
  19. I'd say go for the 5d mark iii. ML hack for some reason is perceived as "unstable". But if you just get a decent CF card, and an established nightly build. There is actually very very low chance anything could go wrong. Those boys over there know what they are doin. You have a camera now that you can shoot in H264 for the lesser projects which still look great! Also, you now have 14 freaking bit raw that can shoot quality stuff. Above all the + and minuses here the biggest two in regards to each camera is the 5d raw's workflow above average kind of workflow. The BMPCC doesn't do good in low light as a super 16 sensor, and has the most awkward crop factor I've personally ever seen. Also who DOESN'T need a camera that can provide professional stills? There's always a need for that!
  20. If you needed a stills camera, it actually makes the decision a lot easier.
  21. Any updates Andrew? Can we hope to hear something soon? (hopefully we've been quiet enough to warrant another inquiry on the matter)
  22. This camera is coming out anyday now, and I am having a lot of trouble finding footage shot with it. Can anyone link me to everyday footage? Not just super low light video capabilities. Thanks
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