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  1. Hello guys, I have saved some money for a new camera for documentary and commercials. I am in love with the results the 5D mark III with ML gives, especially the colours. Somehow i feel there is no other camera that gives you these - real life, vivid colours. but i am also hesitant to buy a camera that is almost two years old. I like the possibilities of the GH4, especially the quality audio breakoutbox and no need for expensive flashcards. I almost allways shoot run&gun shooting so maybe the GH4 has other advantages i am forgetting? But will i ever have the possibility to get the same colour results, the deth of field? I am not a specialist and this is just a feeling i get by watching hours of vimeo and youtube. GH4 colours just seem grey, lifeless... Whereass 5D mark III makes everything beautifull. The 4K is a plus, but hounestly you will only use that to reframe shots that are to wide, no? I know that by colour grading you can do a lot, probaby also with other cameras. But is there any other camera that with some exercise you could get the same results as the 5D mark III? Thank you guys for any advise. Also i am new to this forum so forgive me if i made any mistakes...
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