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Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300

Andrew Reid

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​How would you know this and why would samsung agree to this ? magic lantern hacks features that are already there, features canon don't want to give or don't want to officially give because they can't guarantee it will work properly.

On the other hand, samsung want to give it all, i see no reason to employ others when they can do it in house.


​I cannot say, but I know people associated closely with Samsung. I don't know anyone at ML, but I have credible sources inside Samsung from way back. As I said, nothing is concrete, but I can assure there is a dialog. It's not something either party wants to publicize just yet, and some have already been in hot water for talking too much. There is nothing more I can say on the issue. 

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Good if true. Samsung has great hw, but sometimes they seem a bit naive about features, like when the pr guy said that few would be interested in 240fps, thus they did not implement it even if it were feasible for the nx1.


They actually need someone like the ML guys to implement the 'rightfeatures and unleash the full potential of this camera.

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Impressive detail. You gave quite a lot of depth through grading. Which settings did you apply? Anyway it's nice to see what can be done with a video that's 'just' 8bit.

​Gorilla Grain + Speedgrade Fuji ETERNIA LUT+ very slight magenta and white balance adjustment.

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Thanks for the write up Andrew! 

The NX1 seems to do a lot of things right, but isn't quite there... yet. I'd like to Samsung fixing the existing issues first before focusing on new features. 

Two questions about the NX1: 

How does the new 1080p Pro mode compare to other 1080p cameras?

How's the 4K rolling shutter compared to other cameras (A7s, GH4 etc)?

What would be the defining moment that it would be there? What issues are you referring to?

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I have posted these to other threads, but here is some testing I have done with the NX1.



Some Notes after filming for a bit and using it on productions.

ISO Limits: Each Resolution and framerate seems to have a limit that when you hit it the video quality skydives, these are what I have found so far.


120 fps Mode is fantastic until you hit ISO 500, then it gets murky, then unusable past ISO 800

60p goes bad at ISO 800

30p & 24p are perfect till ISO 800, usable in 1250, 2000 only suitable for some documentary situations. 


1250 is your limit, 2000 if your downscaling to 2K


1600 is the peak, 3200 if your downscaling to 1080p

Want to do a technical test with steadily ramping the ISO values. Will post it here when it is complete.


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What would be the defining moment that it would be there? What issues are you referring to?

​It's hard to name one defining moment but I guess knowing that the camera will perform reliably without any software issues? Other cameras may not sound as appealing on paper but they work, and they work well. The NX1 certainly works well when it does but so far, I wouldn't really want to rely on it. 

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